Remembering Jarred Hayes
This page is dedicated to Jarred Hayes and for the friends and family that loves and misses him very much...









Legacy lives on for Yukon’s Jarred Hayes


On September 29, 2000, we lost an unbelievable person- Nelson Jarred Hayes.  He was a sophomore at Yukon H.S., in Yukon OK- the hometown of “Garth Brooks” and “Cross Canadian Ragweed” Band.  He was involved in sports and loved by all.  For some unknown reason, he was taken from us.  Jarred was diagnosed with brain stem cancer in April and fought a difficult battle to the bitter end.

All of Jarred’s family, friends, school and the town of Yukon watched in disbelief as he struggled.  He taught all of us about courage, strength, determination and the importance of life relationships, family and friends.  He loved life and led by example.  As always, he was a competitor until the last shot was taken and the horn sounded. 

Jarred has not and will not be forgotten.  His family deals with the loss everyday.  This includes his parents, brothers, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and his closest friends.  We all wonder “what could have been”.  His family is growing with his sister in-laws, nephews and nieces coming into the family.  They unfortunately, will be unable to know firsthand about this unbelievable person.

Jarred’s legacy is recognized each year via “The Jarred Hayes Memorial Golf Tournament”.  His three closest friends organize this event to raise funds to donate to the Oklahoma City Ronald McDonald House (RMH).  This idea came from the days of Jarred’s family staying at the Dallas RMH during Jarred’s treatments.  There is a room in the Oklahoma City Children’s Hospital, sponsored by the RMH called “Jarred’s Room”, where families of sick children can stay while being near their loved one.  In the near future, the room will be changed and the money will be directed to the new RMH nearby.  The “Jarred Hayes Memorial Golf Tournament” group will be recognized as a founding contributor for the new RMH.  Jarred continues to affect other’s lives even though he is no longer with us.
Although time is moving forward and fast, the memories of Jarred do not fade and hearts still ache. Jarred is missed more each day, wondering what he would be like, look like and what he would be doing.  Even with the memories, movies and pictures, there is still a huge void that will never be replaced.
Nelson Jarred Hayes (January 11, 1984 - September 29, 2000) will never be forgotten- NJH #25!!


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